Foscarini Lights and Lighting

Foscarini Lights and Lighting SolutionsFoscarini Lights and Lighting Solutions

There are few lighting brands that have such widespread recognition and respect as Foscarini. Ferrious are pleased to offer an extensive range of Foscarini lights and lighting solutions, covering all types of usage in all areas of the house. Whether you are looking for a lamp for the floor or table, a quality pendant or suspension light, lighting that can be attached to the ceiling or wall or something to illuminate your garden or patio, the answer can be found with Foscarini – and Ferrious.

A Product-Centred Brand
Rather than place external constraints on their designers, Foscarini foster a product-centred philosophy that embraces innovation and encourages research and development. Foscarini lights and lighting solutions each have their own personality, and are a delight to browse through.

On top of this, Foscarini insist upon quality production and service, with a flexible, international outlook. They also follow an environmental management system to limit their ecological footprint.

Foscarini Aplomb Pendant LightA Hotbed of Lighting Talent
Foscarini have worked with some of the grand masters of lighting, and continue to showcase the creations of an impressive collection of contemporary designers. Among the personalities you will come across are Lievore Altherr Molina, inventor of the Anisha table lamp, an elegant illuminated hoop available in red or white; Werner Aisslinger, noted for his striking banded Behive lamp; Valerio Bottin, with his smooth, chic lines and Aldo Cibio, whose quirky Coco table light is sure to raise a smile. You will also find creations by Designworks, like the friendly Tosca with its glossy blown glass diffuser.

Among the most recognised names in the Foscarini lighting collection are Tom Dixon, Rodolfo Dordoni, Patricia Urquiola, Marc Sadler and Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.  The Palombas designed one of the newest lights in the Foscarini collection – the Birdie lamp, which sports a twig-like protrusion that makes it easy to identify. Available in floor or table versions, the Birdie lamp comes in white, grey, orange or reddish purple.

The Delights of Tom Dixon
Born in Africa, but raised in the UK, London-trained Tom Dixon produces stunning pieces of contemporary furniture and lighting with an industrial edge. Dixon developed a fascination with welding, and many of his designs are constructed from metal, along with a number of plastic creations. Ferrious include an ample selection of Foscarini lights designed by Dixon, from table and floor lamps to wall and suspension/pendant lighting – there are even bulbs available.

You will be wowed by the rich and sophisticated Copper and Bronze Shades adapted from Dixon’s Mirror Ball designs (also featured). In contrast, you will be intrigued by the crazy, stackable Jack Lights. Made from rotary-moulded polyethylene, the Jack floor light comes in white or Dixon’s trademark ‘fluoro’ orange. There is also a black section which emits no light but stacks with the others to form a fascinating sculpture.

The brass-shaded Base Floor Light will also be immediately recognisable to those familiar with the Tom Dixon aesthetic.