Foscarini Caboche Pendant Light

Foscarini Caboche From the Brightest Minds in Spain and ItalyFoscarini Caboche Pendant Light

A chandelier for the 21st Century, the Foscarini Caboche is a marvel of modern lighting design brought to Foscarini by the illuminated minds of Oviedo-born Patricia Urquiola and co-designer Eliana Gerotto, from the lighting hotbed of Venice.

Urquiola came under the tutelage of none other than Achille Castiglioni of Flos lighting while studying at the famous Milan Polytechnic. She then collaborated with Lissani Associates and de Padova for a decade before opening her own design studio in 2001. From there she began working with some of the biggest brands in contemporary design, including Foscarini.

Gerotto also studied in Milan, graduating in Communication Techniques at the Fondazione Davide Campera. She found work as a graphic designer, interior designer, set curator and industrial designer.

The Foscarini Caboche Pendant Light
Of course, the most chandelier-like of the Caboche range is the magnificently simple yet opulent pendant light, available in small (piccolo), medium and large. The small version is different from the others in that it requires just one chrome support rather than three. All Caboche pendant lights extend from a 16cm diameter at the fitting to 31 cm, 50cm or 70cm in height. The diameter of the small and medium lamp is 20cm, with the large lamp measuring slightly larger at 28cm.

As with all the caboche range, the pendant light is available in a cool and crisp transparent version or a warm, syrupy golden yellow colour, achieved by the positioning of PMMC beads on a satinized blown glass diffuser.

Foscarini Caboche Table LightThe Foscarini Caboche Floor and Table Lamps
Standing on a tripod stem of white lacquered metal, the Caboche floor lamp is distinctive in its own right as well as demonstrating the inherent functionality in contemporary lighting. The floor lamps are available in medium or large sizes, with the larger lamps considerably more expensive. The Caboche table lamp mirrors the design of the taller floor lamp. These 50cm diameter lamps come in either small (31cm high) or medium (38cm high) versions; they respectively run on 48w G9 and 120w R7 halogen energy-saving bulbs.

The Foscarini Caboche Wall and Ceiling Lights
For a more compact, modern setting, the caboche ceiling light has all the sparkle and appeal of the pendant light but without the height. Extending just 19cm from the ceiling, valuable vertical space can be preserved.
Foscarini Caboche Wall LightThe Foscarini Caboche wall light is a semi-circular version of the other types, suitable for mounting on a wall or similar vertical structure. The small wall light measures 31x18x19.5 cm with the medium light at 50×24.5×19.5cm.

To cut down on their environmental impact, and save you some money, the Caboche wall light takes 120w R7 halogen energy-saving bulbs.

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