Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light

The Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light The Artisans’ MasterpieceFoscarini Aplomb Pendant Light

Paolo Lucide and Luca Pevere (Lucide e Pevere) like to get their hands dirty, and relished the chance of working with artisans to create the masterpiece that is the Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light.

The word ‘aplomb’ was chosen for two reasons: the basic physical properties of the light were inspired by the mason’s tool the plumb-bob. The designers wanted to create a lighting object that could use its own weight to remain stable. They also wanted their creation to confidently assert its own existence, to announce its presence with aplomb, demonstrating simply that it ‘has nothing to demonstrate.’

The material chosen for the Aplomb light was concrete, with the designers committed to creating a ‘jewel in concrete’. So began the challenge to find the perfect mix that would blend the strength and weight of industrial concrete with the delicacy needed to accommodate the internal structure (e.g. a 20cm neck through which cables need to pass). They were, in effect trying to create the perfect concrete skin, but one which could be replicated in readiness for the mass markets of today. The search took years, but eventually Lucide and Pevere were successful and the Foscarini Aplomb was born.

Once mixed, the concrete is poured into a metal mould, which is then taken apart so that the shape can be refined. The finished result is a deceptively small pendant light of just 16.5 x 35.5cm, which takes a 60w G9 bulb; with its cable, the light extends 2m from the ceiling. It is ideally suited for occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, providing a thin strip of direct light.

Choosing Your Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light
Lucide and Pevere took a scientific approach to creating just the right colours for their iconic design, comparing and contrasting samples in their workshop-cum-laboratory. The Foscarini Aplomb is now available in three very distinctive hues: grey, brown and white. The grey Aplomb lamp is concrete in its most natural, raw state and, in a way, represents most what the Aplomb lamp actually stands for. In the designers’ words in architecture, it is ‘a dominating aesthetic feature.’

The brown Aplomb lamp is imbued with an intense and earthy warmth that would look perfect in a rustic catering environment; a bistrot rather than a restaurant, as the designers put it. For the ultimate in refinement and sophistication, there is the white Aplomb.

The arrangement of your Aplomb lamps also changes the effect considerably. Lamps can be arranged in lines or rows , hung on their own or clustered in small groups. You could ensure all lamps are of a similar colour, or you may choose to mix different shades in a group  -the possibilities are virtually endless.