Designer Office Furniture

Designer Office Furniture

Designer Office Furniture

The unfussy functionality of designer office furniture is the embodiment of contemporary interior design. Today’s top designers constantly strive to create the ideal marriage between efficiency and aesthetics, as they explore the limits of their craft.

For the modern office worker, efficiency and comfort must be achieved if a high-level of productivity is to be achieved. In addition to the designer office furniture itself, sufficient care and attention should be paid to all aspects of an office interior design project, from the sourcing and placement of clocks and calendars to the design of office accessories.

Lighting is also particularly important, particularly with the challenge of balancing the availability of natural and artificial light with the ubiquitous presence of electronic screens and the associated glare and flicker.

Desk Designers: Albini and Wanders
Among the pieces of designer office furniture in the Ferrious range are a selection of desks from the prestigious Knoll Studio, New York and contemporary Dutch innovators Moooi.

The Knoll mini-desk, designed by Albini is a masterpiece in minimalist design and simple functional excellence. Italian designer, architect and writer, Franco Albini, emerged from under the wing of Gio Ponti to bring his unique flavour of neo-rationalism to the world. Rationalism extolled the virtues of truth and reason, embodied in design by the widespread use of simple geometrical forms (spheres, squares, cylinders, etc.).

Albini, who won the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award three times,  favoured cheap, unprocessed materials and subjected them to craftsmanship of the highest quality. The mini-desk is an example of the result of this collaboration, with glass, steel and oak co-existing in a harmonious example of minimalist elegance.

For 21st Century innovation and style, few can rival Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. The art director and co-owner of Moooi, Wanders has been labelled the ‘Lady Gaga of design’ by the New York Times. His famous knotted chair sits in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Wanders has an enviable skill of blending traditional materials, sophisticated design and state-of-the-art functionality into a stylish whole, as demonstrated by the Moooi Woood desk, constructed in beech with an oak veneer top. This elegantly curved piece can support a laptop or serve as a simple writing desk. Ferrious also supplies the Moooi Two Tops Secretary desk which can open up to reveal hidden space underneath.

Office Lighting and Accessories
Versatility is a must when purchasing office lighting. During the day, natural light conditions constantly change, while late night requires adequate artificial lighting to make reading and computer work comfortable. Milan’s Artemide are synonymous with high-end lighting design and offer an impressive range of adjustable table lamps and room lighting. The Tolomeo LED lights designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fa are definitely worth considering, as are Hans Wegner’s lamp designs, available through Pandul (Carl Hansen).

Ferrious office accessories include the unmistakeable perpetual desk calendar created by French designer Jean-Pierre Vitrac. Superficially a striking abstract design, the relevant date is brought sharply into focus by way of a magnet. To ensure deadlines are adhered to, the deceptively light porcelain Moooi soft clock, designed by Kiki van Eijk, can provide a stylish contrast to your office clock. Young Dutch designer Kiki is known for her playful designs and joins the strong contingent of 21st Century designers from the Netherlands.