Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture – An Investment in Quality

Buying furniture from the high street may be necessary if you’re on a tight budget, short on time or living in temporary accommodation, but once you’ve settled into a permanent home of your own, spending extra on designer furniture can be an investment. The increased quality of materials and workmanship in designer furniture ensures that any pieces you do invest in will look better for longer than cheaper, mass-produced furniture.

When shopping for furniture, bear in mind that each piece needs to be functional, as well as look good. Also think about your favourite colours and styles. Do you prefer something modern and chic or do you prefer your furniture to be ornately carved and richly embroidered? Perhaps you like solid, rustic furniture in warm, wooden tones.

Designer furniture reflects the style and philosophy of the brand or individual designer who created it. Some designers (e.g. Le Corbusier) excelled in creating functional furniture with a clean, modern look, while others (e.g. George Nelson) were renowned for their utilisation of space. In time, you will inevitably be drawn towards a particular designer whose vision of interior living resonates with your own. From then on, acquiring furniture will become a journey of self-discovery.

There is currently a fashion for creating flexible, adaptable living spaces, whereby pieces of furniture from different designers are combined in unique and exciting ways, usually with creative lighting and colour schemes. Modern designer furniture is often lightweight and easy to move in contrast to the heavy pieces of the past. The mark of a sophisticated modern urbanite is the ability to choose appealing combinations of designer furniture that can be re-arranged as the mood changes.

Designer brands
There are many designer furniture brands available to choose from and, through the magic of ecommerce, they can often be ordered within seconds. Many of the biggest names in furniture hail from Italy, including Minotti, known for their minimalist designs, Capellini, often described as ‘avant-garde’, and the elegant Cattelan Italia. Other notable brands include Lignet Rosier and Gautier, from France and the popular Scandinavian brands, such as Skovby and Varier. Quality American brands include Henkel Harris, Stickley and Century.

The artisans
For many consumers of designer furniture, it’s the pieces from individual designers rather than the brands that are of most interest. Some of the popular artisans include:

Arne Jacobsen – A Danish perfectionist who designed the Grade 1 listed St.Catherine’s College of Oxford and the Danish National Bank in Copenhagen. His famous pieces include the ‘ant chair’, which resembles an ant rearing up from spindly insect legs, as well as the ‘Model 3107’ and ‘Number 7’ chairs.

Charles Eames – The influential American designer whose lounge chair is a favourite retro piece.

Joseph Hoffman – The Austrian designer, whose furniture is noted for its clear forms and geometric decorations.

Le Corbusier – The Swiss minimalist modernist who saw the home as a ‘machine for living’, and produced iconic pieces in black leather and steel.

Other famous creators of designer furniture are Alvar Aalto (Finland), Antonio Gaudi (Spain), Charles Rennes Mackintosh (Scotland), Frank Lloyd Wright (USA), Frank O. Gehry (Canada), John Ruskin (England), Louis Sullivan (USA), Miles van der Rohe (Germany), Philip Webb (England) and Salvador Dali (Spain).