Cassina LC3 Two Seater Sofa

Cassina LC3 2 Seater SofaThe Cassina LC3 Two-Seater Sofa An Icon of 1920s Design

When Le Corbusier (originally known as Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) invited Charlotte Perriand into the studio he shared with cousin Pierre Jeanneret, a collaboration was born which was to change the face of modern interior furniture design. It gave rise to one of the most famous ranges of chairs and sofas ever to be built: the LC collection.

Born in Switzerland, Le Corbusier had travelled extensively as a young man, and served apprenticeships with some of the many architects and designers he came across. He had gained inspiration and knowledge from design-minded people in Italy, Vienna, Munich and Paris and, up until Perriand’s arrival, had spent most of his time working on a new architectural vision of urban living; one which he hoped would become reality following the upheaval caused by the First World War. He was only partially successful: after several of his social housing plans were rejected, he was finally commissioned to build a complex for 1,800 people in Marseille. This was followed by two more commissions in France and another in Berlin.

The LC range of furniture was developed in the late 1920s, and Italian furniture giants Cassina quickly saw an opportunity to take advantage of the timeless appeal of the well-proportioned furniture. In 1964, a year before Le Corbusier died, they signed an agreement to secure the global rights to produce the work of Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriard. To this day, genuine LC furniture can only be sourced from Cassina, with each piece containing a signature and unique serial number.

Cassina LC3 Armchair with left or right armrestThe Specifications
The Cassini LC3 Two-Seater Sofa is supported by a tubular steel frame which comes in eight finishes: matt black enamel, coloured enamel (either basalte, grey, light blue, green, burgundy or ochre) or, at extra cost, polished chrome for that extra classy look.

The loose cushions are made from polyurethane foam, with a padding of either polyester or feather. In terms of upholstery, customers can select from three shades of leather and five shades of fabric, giving an amazing 64 choices – one of the beauties of contemporary furniture design.

The Cassini LC3 is 168cm wide, with a depth of 73cm. The overall height of the sofa is 62cm, with the seat height set at 40cm.

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