Cassina LC3 Two Seater Sofa

Cassina LC3 2 Seater SofaThe Cassina LC3 Two-Seater Sofa An Icon of 1920s Design

When Le Corbusier (originally known as Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) invited Charlotte Perriand into the studio he shared with cousin Pierre Jeanneret, a collaboration was born which was to change the face of modern interior furniture design. It gave rise to one of the most famous ranges of chairs and sofas ever to be built: the LC collection.

Born in Switzerland, Le Corbusier had travelled extensively as a young man, and served apprenticeships with some of the many architects and designers he came across. He had gained inspiration and knowledge from design-minded people in Italy, Vienna, Munich and Paris and, up until Perriand’s arrival, had spent most of his time working on a new architectural vision of urban living; one which he hoped would become reality following the upheaval caused by the First World War. He was only partially successful: after several of his social housing plans were rejected, he was finally commissioned to build a complex for 1,800 people in Marseille. This was followed by two more commissions in France and another in Berlin.

The LC range of furniture was developed in the late 1920s, and Italian furniture giants Cassina quickly saw an opportunity to take advantage of the timeless appeal of the well-proportioned furniture. In 1964, a year before Le Corbusier died, they signed an agreement to secure the global rights to produce the work of Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriard. To this day, genuine LC furniture can only be sourced from Cassina, with each piece containing a signature and unique serial number.

Cassina LC3 Armchair with left or right armrestThe Specifications
The Cassini LC3 Two-Seater Sofa is supported by a tubular steel frame which comes in eight finishes: matt black enamel, coloured enamel (either basalte, grey, light blue, green, burgundy or ochre) or, at extra cost, polished chrome for that extra classy look.

The loose cushions are made from polyurethane foam, with a padding of either polyester or feather. In terms of upholstery, customers can select from three shades of leather and five shades of fabric, giving an amazing 64 choices – one of the beauties of contemporary furniture design.

The Cassini LC3 is 168cm wide, with a depth of 73cm. The overall height of the sofa is 62cm, with the seat height set at 40cm.

Other LC furniture pieces available through Ferrious, are the LC10P table range; the La Roche Table; the endearing LC8 stool; the LC1, LC2 and LC3 Armchair’s (also available in left or right armrest versions); the LC2 Ottoman; the LC13 Wagon Fumoir; the LC2 Two and Three-Seater Sofas and  the LC3 Three-Seater Sofa.

If you are looking for iconic design at affordable prices, Ferrious recommend you browse their ex-display section.


Cassina LC2 Armchair

Cassina LC2 ArmchairLe Corbusier Man of Many Talents

No mention of the Cassina LC2 Armchair can be made without reference to its chief designer, one of the biggest names in contemporary furniture design, Le Corbusier (1887-1965).

Le Corbusier was born in Switzerland, under the name of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, and became fascinated with exploring the visual arts, moving on to study at La-Chaux-de-Fonds Art School. In the 1920s it had become fashionable for artists to work under a pseudonym and Jeanneret chose Le Corbusier, although it is debatable as to whether the name was derived from a distant ancestor, as he claimed, or was a pet name that he chose to adopt.

Although he made his name mainly as an architect and furniture designer, Le Corbusier had many more strings to his bow: he was a painter and urbanist, becoming a pioneer in the new International style (also referred to as Modern Architecture). As author, he wrote the influential 1925 book ‘L’Art Decoratif d’aujord’hui’ which mapped out his vision for the future of urban living.

Cassina-LC2-Armchair-2As an architect, Le Corbusier’s buildings spanned the globe, but have also been criticised by some as soulless and a demonstration only of his own arrogant viewpoint.

It was when Charlotte Perriand joined his studio in 1928, that many of his interior design ideals became realised, and a year later Perriand, Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret were exhibiting their new concept of furniture at the Salon d’Automne: the beginnings of what was to become the Cassina LC2 Armchair and similar pieces.

The Cassina LC2 Armchair
It is thanks to the forward-thinking business sense of Cassina that the original Cassina LC2 Armchair is still available to buy today. A year before his death (1964), Cassina acquired the global rights to sell the designs of Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriand for their Masters’ Collection, and they still hold – and protect that right today.

The iconic and comfortable LC2 Armchair is highly regarded in the world of furniture design, and it proudly sits in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Cassina LC2 ArmchairThe LC2’s frame is constructed from tubular steel, and there are eight finishes to choose from: matt black enamel; gloss basalte, grey, light blue, green, burgundy or ochre and the more pricey polished chrome plating.

The loose cushions are composed of a polyurethane core padded with either polyester and polyurethane or feather. Ferrious offer the LC2 Armchair with eight different types of upholstery: three shades of pelle leather and five shades of rock fabric, containing 100 per cent flax.
The proportions of the chair are central to its timeless appeal; it is 76cm wide, 70cm deep and 67cm high, with a 48cm high seat.

Also available as 2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa & Ottoman
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Cassina Italian Furniture

Cassina LC4 Chaise LongueCassina Italian Furniture Authenticity and Innovation Through the Decades

With Cassina’s tagline of ‘Design First’, the Italian furniture designers share the Ferrious commitment to quality of design over all other factors. Cassina Italian furniture sets the standard for the design industry, and has done ever since Cesare and Umberto Cassina formed the company in Milan back in 1927. Cassina have been instrumental in moving furniture design from traditional handcraftsmanship to industrial production.

Cassina were a pioneering force during the 1950s industrial design boom, and many of the best pieces of designer furniture in the last 100 years has been produced by the company. Gerrit T. Rietveid’s unique Zig-Zag Chair and the Cassina LC4 Chaise Longue and LC2 Sofa, both designed by Pierre Jeanneret, are just some of the iconic designs that emerged (all available through Ferrious). In 1952, Cassina began working on naval commissions and fitted out the Andrea Dori liner. In 1964, the company launched its I Maestri Collection which involved obtaining the worldwide rights to the furniture of several important designers. These designers included Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret and Pierre’s more illustrious cousin, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret; he adopted the pseudonym Le Corbusier (a popular thing to do in Paris in the 1920s) and to this day Cassina are the only brand with the rights to produce Le Corbusier pieces.

Cassina LC2 2-Seater SofaOther well-known designers who have come under the banner of Cassina include Gio Ponti, Charles-Rennes Mackintosh, Hannes Wettstein, Franco Albini, Rodolfo Dordoni, Charlotte Perriand, Piero Lissoni, E Gunnar Asplund and Philippe Starck. Some of these continue to provide quality pieces to the I Contemporanei collection.

The philosophy of Cassina Italian Furniture is based upon the twin ideals of authenticity and innovation, and the company have mastered the art of combining technological skill with traditional craftsmanship, especially in the discipline of carpentry. Cassina consistently attracts the best architects and designers and since 1954 has won three coveted Compasso d’Oro awards for individual products. In 1991 it also received the award for its innovative role and international approach within the Italian design and manufacturing industries. In 1972, Cassina also produced the prototype of a car called the Kar-a-sutra, which was presented at MoMA in New York.

Cassina produces everything from seating (lounges, chairs, seates, chaises longues, etc.), tables, storage and even fabrics.

Where is Cassina Italian Furniture Today?
Cassina have recently opened a new showroom in Munich, and continues to promote its strengths, particularly in terms of authenticity. As a measure of its commitment to preserving the integrity of Italian design, Cassina have backed the ‘Equal Rights for Design’ campaign by Elle Decoration UK magazine. This works to protect the design copyright of genuine products to help combat the production of cheap imitations. Since 2005, Cassina has been part of the Poltrona Frau Group. Any questions call Ferrious on 0161 2286880


Foscarini Gregg

Foscarini Gregg Table LightThe Foscarini Gregg A Versatile and Organic Lighting Solution

If you’re looking for a light that follows a simple, organic line with no pure geometry, the Foscarini Gregg might be for you. Whether you need a table or floor lamp, fitted wall or ceiling light or an elegant suspension light, the Foscarini Gregg has a model fit for purpose. There is even a version of the Foscarini Gregg that is designed for outdoor use.

All of the lights are variations around a standard egg-shaped diffuser made of satinised blown glass.

First we have the handy and stylish Gregg Table Lamp, mounted on a lacquered metal base and available in three sizes. The small version measures 13cmx11cmx11cm and takes a 20w halogen bulb; the medium lamp measures 31cmx26cmx26cm and can either take a 150w halogen bulb or a 20w compact fluorescent (CF) one. The large lamp is 47cmx40cmx40cm and runs a 205w halogen or 20w CF bulb.

Foscarini Gregg Floor LampThen there is the elegant Gregg Floor Light, which comes in four versions: medium short and tall, and large short and tall. Unlike the table lamp, the floor lamp supports the diffuser on a stem of lacquered polyurethane. The shortest lamp (medium-short) stands 120cm high followed by the 138cm large-short model. The medium-tall lamp stands 168cm from the ground, while the tallest model (large-tall) measures 190cm.

Ceiling lights come in either a small or medium size, with the compact little light measuring just 12cm high, 13cm wide and 11cm deep; this is perfect when space is at a premium. The medium version is 27cm high, 31cm wide and 26cm deep, bringing a gentle, familiar glow to a larger interior space.

Both creations take halogen bulbs, with the small Gregg requiring a 20w G9 bulb and the large one needing a 150w E27 bulb. Alternatively, the large Gregg can be fitted with a 23w compact fluorescent bulb.

The suspension lights have identical measurements to the table lamps and run on 33w, 150w or 205w halogen bulbs, depending on their size. For those of us looking to cut down on energy consumption, the medium and large versions are also compatible with 30w compact fluorescent bulbs.

The gentle contours of the diffuser are perfectly in tune with nature, making the Outdoor Gregg a beautiful feature in any garden or patio setting.

About The Palombas

The Gregg lamp collection was brought to Foscarini by Milan architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.  The pair have collected many awards on their travels, including the Red Dot, Compasso d’Oro, Design Plus and Good Design Award. They work with a number of big international brands including Cappellini, When Objects Work and Samsung.  They are also heavily involved in architectural projects and design exhibitions.


Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp

The Foscarini Lumiere Table LampThe Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp A Marvel in Polished Glass

The Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni is an exquisite three-legged lamp that adds style and panache to your desk or table. There are two versions available through Ferrious: the Lumiere 05 and the XXL and XXS versions, with the smaller Lumiere 05 produced in two sizes.

The Lumiere 05 was first produced in 1990, and has a silky smooth exterior constructed from expertly blown glass. It contains an inner layer of white, and an outer, coloured layer that is polished to a perfect sheen. This early version of the Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp comes in four attractive hues: white, ivory, grey and amber, while its gently curved base can be finished in black chrome or polished aluminium, effectively giving buyers the choice of eight different looks. For a little extra, the Lumiere 05 lamp can be supplied with a dimmer.

In terms of dimensions, the piccolo version has a diameter of 20cm and a height of 35cm (with a 14cm high shade). It takes a single 42w (E14) halogen energy saver bulb. The grande version has a diameter of 26cm, and stands 45cm high (with a 17cm shade).  This lamp requires three 28w (E14) halogen energy saver bulbs.

Foscarini Lumiere XXL & XXS Wall LightNearly twenty years passed before the release of the Lumiere XXS and XXL in 2009. This new take on the 05 lamp displays more angular lines, with a less rounded shade and straighter legs. As if to emphasise its no-nonsense approach, the XXS and XXL lamp is produced in either black or white, with the base either constructed from bronze or white lacquered aluminium. At 26cm by 40cm, the XXS lamp is only slightly smaller than the grande 05 lamp, while the XXL version is much bigger at 37cm by 57cm.

Both lamps take 48w halogen bulbs, with the XXL model requiring three bulbs.

Foscarini Philosophy
With its roots in Murano, Venice, known for the quality of its glass, Foscarini have grown into one of the largest international lighting brands on the planet. One of the company’s strengths is its willingness to push the boundaries of design exploration and its love of strong ideas and novel approaches. With its design-centred focus, Ferrious is well-placed to help you find the lighting solution that will fit your lifestyle and show off your home in its best light.

Rodolfo Dordoni is both architect and designer, and was born in Milan in 1979. As well as being responsible for the art direction of many powerful brands (e.g. Artemide, Foscarini and Minotti – and designing for scores more – Dordoni has also created Dordoni Architects, which focuses on developing industrial and commercial spaces such as restaurants, shops and boats.

Foscarini Lights and Lighting

Foscarini Lights and Lighting SolutionsFoscarini Lights and Lighting Solutions

There are few lighting brands that have such widespread recognition and respect as Foscarini. Ferrious are pleased to offer an extensive range of Foscarini lights and lighting solutions, covering all types of usage in all areas of the house. Whether you are looking for a lamp for the floor or table, a quality pendant or suspension light, lighting that can be attached to the ceiling or wall or something to illuminate your garden or patio, the answer can be found with Foscarini – and Ferrious.

A Product-Centred Brand
Rather than place external constraints on their designers, Foscarini foster a product-centred philosophy that embraces innovation and encourages research and development. Foscarini lights and lighting solutions each have their own personality, and are a delight to browse through.

On top of this, Foscarini insist upon quality production and service, with a flexible, international outlook. They also follow an environmental management system to limit their ecological footprint.

Foscarini Aplomb Pendant LightA Hotbed of Lighting Talent
Foscarini have worked with some of the grand masters of lighting, and continue to showcase the creations of an impressive collection of contemporary designers. Among the personalities you will come across are Lievore Altherr Molina, inventor of the Anisha table lamp, an elegant illuminated hoop available in red or white; Werner Aisslinger, noted for his striking banded Behive lamp; Valerio Bottin, with his smooth, chic lines and Aldo Cibio, whose quirky Coco table light is sure to raise a smile. You will also find creations by Designworks, like the friendly Tosca with its glossy blown glass diffuser.

Among the most recognised names in the Foscarini lighting collection are Tom Dixon, Rodolfo Dordoni, Patricia Urquiola, Marc Sadler and Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.  The Palombas designed one of the newest lights in the Foscarini collection – the Birdie lamp, which sports a twig-like protrusion that makes it easy to identify. Available in floor or table versions, the Birdie lamp comes in white, grey, orange or reddish purple.

The Delights of Tom Dixon
Born in Africa, but raised in the UK, London-trained Tom Dixon produces stunning pieces of contemporary furniture and lighting with an industrial edge. Dixon developed a fascination with welding, and many of his designs are constructed from metal, along with a number of plastic creations. Ferrious include an ample selection of Foscarini lights designed by Dixon, from table and floor lamps to wall and suspension/pendant lighting – there are even bulbs available.

You will be wowed by the rich and sophisticated Copper and Bronze Shades adapted from Dixon’s Mirror Ball designs (also featured). In contrast, you will be intrigued by the crazy, stackable Jack Lights. Made from rotary-moulded polyethylene, the Jack floor light comes in white or Dixon’s trademark ‘fluoro’ orange. There is also a black section which emits no light but stacks with the others to form a fascinating sculpture.

The brass-shaded Base Floor Light will also be immediately recognisable to those familiar with the Tom Dixon aesthetic.

Foscarini Caboche Pendant Light

Foscarini Caboche From the Brightest Minds in Spain and ItalyFoscarini Caboche Pendant Light

A chandelier for the 21st Century, the Foscarini Caboche is a marvel of modern lighting design brought to Foscarini by the illuminated minds of Oviedo-born Patricia Urquiola and co-designer Eliana Gerotto, from the lighting hotbed of Venice.

Urquiola came under the tutelage of none other than Achille Castiglioni of Flos lighting while studying at the famous Milan Polytechnic. She then collaborated with Lissani Associates and de Padova for a decade before opening her own design studio in 2001. From there she began working with some of the biggest brands in contemporary design, including Foscarini.

Gerotto also studied in Milan, graduating in Communication Techniques at the Fondazione Davide Campera. She found work as a graphic designer, interior designer, set curator and industrial designer.

The Foscarini Caboche Pendant Light
Of course, the most chandelier-like of the Caboche range is the magnificently simple yet opulent pendant light, available in small (piccolo), medium and large. The small version is different from the others in that it requires just one chrome support rather than three. All Caboche pendant lights extend from a 16cm diameter at the fitting to 31 cm, 50cm or 70cm in height. The diameter of the small and medium lamp is 20cm, with the large lamp measuring slightly larger at 28cm.

As with all the caboche range, the pendant light is available in a cool and crisp transparent version or a warm, syrupy golden yellow colour, achieved by the positioning of PMMC beads on a satinized blown glass diffuser.

Foscarini Caboche Table LightThe Foscarini Caboche Floor and Table Lamps
Standing on a tripod stem of white lacquered metal, the Caboche floor lamp is distinctive in its own right as well as demonstrating the inherent functionality in contemporary lighting. The floor lamps are available in medium or large sizes, with the larger lamps considerably more expensive. The Caboche table lamp mirrors the design of the taller floor lamp. These 50cm diameter lamps come in either small (31cm high) or medium (38cm high) versions; they respectively run on 48w G9 and 120w R7 halogen energy-saving bulbs.

The Foscarini Caboche Wall and Ceiling Lights
For a more compact, modern setting, the caboche ceiling light has all the sparkle and appeal of the pendant light but without the height. Extending just 19cm from the ceiling, valuable vertical space can be preserved.
Foscarini Caboche Wall LightThe Foscarini Caboche wall light is a semi-circular version of the other types, suitable for mounting on a wall or similar vertical structure. The small wall light measures 31x18x19.5 cm with the medium light at 50×24.5×19.5cm.

To cut down on their environmental impact, and save you some money, the Caboche wall light takes 120w R7 halogen energy-saving bulbs.

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Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light

The Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light The Artisans’ MasterpieceFoscarini Aplomb Pendant Light

Paolo Lucide and Luca Pevere (Lucide e Pevere) like to get their hands dirty, and relished the chance of working with artisans to create the masterpiece that is the Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light.

The word ‘aplomb’ was chosen for two reasons: the basic physical properties of the light were inspired by the mason’s tool the plumb-bob. The designers wanted to create a lighting object that could use its own weight to remain stable. They also wanted their creation to confidently assert its own existence, to announce its presence with aplomb, demonstrating simply that it ‘has nothing to demonstrate.’

The material chosen for the Aplomb light was concrete, with the designers committed to creating a ‘jewel in concrete’. So began the challenge to find the perfect mix that would blend the strength and weight of industrial concrete with the delicacy needed to accommodate the internal structure (e.g. a 20cm neck through which cables need to pass). They were, in effect trying to create the perfect concrete skin, but one which could be replicated in readiness for the mass markets of today. The search took years, but eventually Lucide and Pevere were successful and the Foscarini Aplomb was born.

Once mixed, the concrete is poured into a metal mould, which is then taken apart so that the shape can be refined. The finished result is a deceptively small pendant light of just 16.5 x 35.5cm, which takes a 60w G9 bulb; with its cable, the light extends 2m from the ceiling. It is ideally suited for occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, providing a thin strip of direct light.

Choosing Your Foscarini Aplomb Pendant Light
Lucide and Pevere took a scientific approach to creating just the right colours for their iconic design, comparing and contrasting samples in their workshop-cum-laboratory. The Foscarini Aplomb is now available in three very distinctive hues: grey, brown and white. The grey Aplomb lamp is concrete in its most natural, raw state and, in a way, represents most what the Aplomb lamp actually stands for. In the designers’ words in architecture, it is ‘a dominating aesthetic feature.’

The brown Aplomb lamp is imbued with an intense and earthy warmth that would look perfect in a rustic catering environment; a bistrot rather than a restaurant, as the designers put it. For the ultimate in refinement and sophistication, there is the white Aplomb.

The arrangement of your Aplomb lamps also changes the effect considerably. Lamps can be arranged in lines or rows , hung on their own or clustered in small groups. You could ensure all lamps are of a similar colour, or you may choose to mix different shades in a group  -the possibilities are virtually endless.


Claire Norcross Aperture Pendant Light

Claire Norcross Aperture Pendant LightClaire Norcross Aperture Pendant Light

Designed by  Claire Norcross

Please click here for more info on Claire Norcross Aperture Pendant Light

Sculptural paper shade

Inspired by the nature of a pine cone and its ability to open and close according to the weather conditions.

The user is able to open each aperture to direct the light and create different effects.

It is a versatile product which can be used within a living, dining or bedroom setting.

In 3 sizes:

Small – 35cm dia
Medium – 48cm dia
Large – 65cm dia

Claire launched the Eight-Fifty Light with Ferrious in 1999

“We are delighted that Aperture has been included in the lighting collection at Ferrious. Seeing our products alongside such prestigious brands raises our level of expectation for Luminosity. Ferrious have always been keen to support the development of new companies who share their passion for design. We feel that as a supplier to them, we are also nurtured by them and value their feedback and input on our future product development“.

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35/48/65cm diametre

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Carl Hansen CH002 Table

Carl Hansen CH002 TableCarl Hansen Table

Designed by  Hans Wegner

Carl Hansen CH002 designed by Hans Wegner in 1982. A flexible dining table ideal for small spaces such as kitchens or apartments. Hinged extension leaves at table ends lift up easily to welcome guests; leaves are available in either rounded or rectangular shapes.

The table also offers a choice of edge profile of either rounded or straight edge to suit the client. Available in Beech or Oak with a range of finishes. Full details on the Carl Hansen stains please contact ferrious.

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Solid Beech or Oak

90 cm – 188 cm long x 90 cm wide x 72 cm high

Delivery Time
6-8 Weeks

Special note
Beech Stain comes in Teak and walnut. Oak stain is wenge.

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